• Protect Endagered Animals

    We believe that there has never been a better way to protect each person's and each cultural identity than by fostering mutual respect.

  • Protect Coral Reefs

    International and national forums on modern education

  • Plant a Tree

    We take part in cross-cultural forums for the cutting edge cross-cultural social studies to sustain and promote the culture of tolerance and peace by stimulating increased

  • Save the Rainforest

    An active partnership between citizens and social scientists through lectures, and seminars, that will empower people to act wisely as global citizens

  • Save the Rainforest

    International meetings, expositions and publishing books in support of the fruitful diversity of cultures

  • Save the Rainforest

    Support and preservation of Bulgarian culture through stimulating the youth artistic expressions in traditional music and dance.

  • Save the Rainforest

    Providing a free way for artistic expression of students in international exhibitions


Join a network of change

The seed of the future world culture of peace grows in the soil of mutual respect

Join the change at the turn of 21st century

Learn, develop, assess 21st century skills

We live in a dynamic, technological and complex world with problems frequently ill-defined and often in demand of multidisciplinary teams to deal with. The shift towards information-based economies changed the way people thought, lived and worked, the kinds of tools they used for work.

The new 21st century skills and ways of thinking, living and working, once recognized, demanded new forms of education systems to provide for them.



Join the change at the turn of 21st century, by taking part in the events of the Foundation to try and develop your 21st century skills.



If you share the values of learning and developing 21st century skills as constant self national improvement - please donate. For more information please contact us.


Participate in a webinar

The webinars are listed as events of the Center for International Research in Education and Culture (CIREC).



Share the message: 21st century culture of well-being grows in the soil of self-knowledge, mutual respect and support.